Skin And Hair Softener shower


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  • Make Your Skin And Hair Smoother And Softer
    Dual Filters
  • catches contaminants
  • helps kill bacterias
  • generates approximatly 582,000 anions/cc
  • remove bad odour
  • invigorates your body
  • swirl action
  • Creates silky smooth water
    Type: Single Function Hand Shower
    Color: Sexy Transparent
    Connection Thread: Standard half inch connection
    Flow Rate: 7 Litres Per Minute
    Function: Hand Shower is Easy Clean & Water Saving


Solid And Durable Design: Solid Build, No Leaks. The Design Of A Transparent High-Density Filter And The Perspective Are Easy To Disassemble And Clean. Negative Ion Technology Softens And Purifies Shower Water To Eliminate Dry, Flaky Skin. Make Your Skin And Hair Smoother And Softer. Easy Installation: Connect To Any Standard Hose In Seconds, And You’re Ready To Go. Extra Large 120 Mm Shower Head Diameter To Give You More Pleasure & Smooth Shower Experience.

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water softer, Granola, sexy handle


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