The EVA Foam Mat Kidds Room , Sports clubs, … (Copy)


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The EVA Foam Mat Kidds Room , Sports clubs, …


  • The EVA Foam Mat, lets your kids roll around and play on the ground in a safer environment
  • The soft, plush mat provides a comfortable surface for kids to play on and relax as they eat, play and learn new things
  • This mat has a bright color that attracts kids and makes them feel at ease
  • Play mats are a great way to make space for kids to play; a space they can call their own. A play mat is also perfect for teaching your kid how to set and pack up their play area
  • The borders are soft and serrated so you can join multiple mats together to make a bigger play area
  • Simply place the mat on a flat, sturdy surface and leave the kids to play out their imaginations
  • Measures 1 m long and 1 m wide


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